9 sept. 2009


Everyone has heard of AUM. Although it was said clearly that AUM isn’t a sound, many people tend to understand wrongly that it might still be a slightly different sound. No, AUM is the sound representation of the Reality. AUM it’s the Enlightenment itself. The enlightenment sound scheme (if there’s a need to make up one) it’s AUM itself. My opinion is that AUM has appeared from the enlightenment, not vice versa. At least this was my experience; I have discovered AUM only after I have awoken. The techniques that are following are based on sounds and all three must be practiced, not only one of them. Only so you can obtain the flexibility needed for getting to the non-sound, to the genuine AUM.

1. Be a center for the surrounding sounds!

You can walk into a market or other place where there is a considerable amount of noise (I don’t think that that’s hard to find nowadays). Think of your own being as a center, then close your eyes and take notice of the sounds which are coming to you, but none of them can really touch you. You are in the center, the sounds are always at the periphery. This technique it’s fitting those who are stressed by the noise. You might discover with amazement that, in reality, the noise can’t really affect you.

2. Listen the silence!
The silence has its own sound. This meditation method must be practiced when it’s quiet (for example: in the night or in the early morning). Those who are living in the countryside know what I’m saying: the silence has a certain sound, some kind of ringing. When the noise ends, there remains “something”. This is the absence of the noise, which is a sound too: the sound of silence. If you were born in a city and you are used to the noise, it will take you some time until you will be able to listen the silence, but it's worth trying.

3. Non-sound meditations.

AUM it’s beyond the first two. It isn’t the noise nor the sound of the silence, it’s simply beyond. Meditate in silence on the two basic aspects of the sound – noise/silence – and then try to discover the non-sound, AUM.

Posted by Eudaimonia